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Professional Hair Color Basic Kit (1 Tube)

Your #1 at Home Hair Coloring Solution


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The G&C Hair Color is an exclusive line of professional permanent oxidation coloring products. The revolutionary M.A.B. system lightens, deposits pigments, and reflects light in a single treatment, giving hair intense and bright color that won’t fade over time. The G&C Hair Color formula combines a dual base of both gel and cream, allowing for flawless coverage while protecting the hair from drying out or being weighed down. The formula contains low levels of ammonia and many natural ingredients such as beeswax, coconut oil and marula oil. This unique formula penetrates deep into the hair shaft, but respects the natural structure and integrity of each strand of hair, creating spectacular colors while promoting hair health.

What’s Included in hair color kit:

1x G&C Color Tubes 100ml (Up to 2 Root Touch-ups)
1x G&C Color Developer 20 Vol 120ml
1x Pair of Gloves
1x Ultimate Repair System Sample Pack