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About us – Hair Bar NYC is one of the fastest growing chains of hair salons in New York that dates back to 2005 with the grand opening of our first salon in Long Island, NY. Our goal was to create something more than just another hair salon; we wanted to create an exceptionally wonderful experience for each client from the moment they walk through the doors. Combining extensive research, industry know-how, and love for hairdressing has helped set the standard of service. The friendly atmosphere, excellent customer care, outstanding technical skill and unique exclusive line of hair care products make the salon a cut above the rest.


In 2013, we launched the first Hair Bar NYC product line which quickly became a hit! By 2015, through our collaboration with American and European scientific laboratories and manufacturers, we developed our innovative and one of a kind Hair Bar NYC products including the all natural Formaldehyde and Glutaraldehyde free Keratin treatment “Silk Touch”, and perfectly balanced gel-cream based hair colors “Color G&C”. Branding our own products enables us to provide our clients with exclusive high-quality yet affordable services.


In 2013

Hair Bar NYC launched our first line of hair care products. By 2015, Hair Bar NYC introduced an innovative hair color line “G&C Color” that combines both gel and cream as the base in order to achieve brilliant color while protecting hair health. In the same year, Hair Bar NYC released a line of keratin treatments, including a Formaldehyde FREE formula, called Silk Touch Keratin System. Fast forward to 2017, we have just launched our latest industry innovations including; Diamond Botox hair repair and rejuvenation treatment as well as our Ultimate Repair Product line.


Our Clients Have the Best Salon Experience Possible!

Our scientific and rational approach along with experience, dedication, committed partnerships and exemplary work of our terrific team have helped turn a small homegrown LI salon into the fastest growing hair salon chain in NY. But we don’t want to stop there. We always want to be more than just a hair salon. We look forward to continue making our customers look and feel their best!

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