Zinc Alloy Nozzle

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The Patent Pending Zinc Alloy Nozzle is a state of the art hair styling accessory! It improves blow drying time by 90% making it a must have for anyone who styles their hair at home frequently. How does it save you so much time? It works by distributing even heat at the tip as you pass over the hair during the blow drying process. This actually increases heat transfer without burning your hair. Now you can get the perfect hair any time you want.

  • Creates the perfect blowout
  • Speeds up dry time up to 90%
  • Leaves your hair shiny, silky & smooth
  • Eliminates frizz
  • 1 Year Warranty
**Nozzle has a (1 and 13/16 Inch) opening and will fit any hair dryer with this type of opening or slightly smaller.**

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