Silk Touch Plus Keratin

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Silk Touch Plus efficiency is combined with ArmorPlex performance for unparalleled long-lasting results identified as OrgaLoc™ technology.

Silk Touch Plus is a treatment that smooths, heals and restructures all hair types. Thanks to the OrgaLoc™ technology it makes hair stronger, healthier, shinier and completely frizz-free. It effectively repairs and rejuvenates the hair structure, while guaranteeing smoother and long lasting results. Depending on the client’s needs, the flexibility of Silk Touch Keratin Plus with OrgaLoc™, allows for a multitude of finishing options, from perfectly smooth to naturally wavy and curly. This latest technology allows Silk Touch Keratin Plus treatment to offer smart options, from quick and easy application to maximum control and comfort for the client and hairdresser.

*Results may vary
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