Professional Straightener Comb

Heat Resistant, Carbon Material
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Professional Hair Smoothing/Straightener Comb makes straightening your own hair faster and easier giving salon-quality stylist results while protecting your hand from heat. Suiting all hair types and textures, this comb reduces the chances of hair damage as it enhances styling results, allowing you to flaunt your smooth, straight hair in no time at all.

Featuring a high-quality design, the Flat Iron Comb is equipped with soft yet sturdy teeth for comfortable use, while being b enough to get through the toughest tangles.

For durability and lasting results, this comb gives you more control as you style without snagging your hair. Your strands will receive the heat from each hot plate more evenly when styling your hair, which means the flat iron is more effective than ever before.

Furthermore, this even distribution of heat results in silky results which shine, while protecting your hair cuticles from overheat exposure.

  • Heat-resistant
  • Available in Black
  • Carbon material

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