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Hair Bar in Cedarhurst

Experience professional hair care at our Cedarhurst hair salon. Situated in Long Island, this location is easy to access, adding an element of convenience to touch-ups and treatments. 

Explore our full suite of hair professional services, from the highly sought-after keratin and Botox hair treatments to dramatic hair transformations and more. Our stylists use genuine Italian products of the highest quality, ensuring luxurious results at affordable rates.

Make a booking at our hair salon in Cederhurst and get the confident glow that comes from beautiful, professionally styled hair.


Monday 09:00AM-06:00PM

Tuesday 09:00AM-06:00PM

Wednesday 09:00AM-06:00PM

Thursday 09:00AM-06:00PM

Friday 09:00AM-05:00PM

Saturday CLOSED

Sunday 09:00AM-06:00PM