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Bad Habits – Stop Picking At Your Split Ends!


Just as you are told that biting your nails is a bad habit, so is snapping off your hair’s split ends. If you are bored and catch yourself passing time by with this destructive hair habit, then STOP! How did the hair split? Stress… Stress can be caused by many different things, among them are: over use of  hot tools, a rough combing session, coloring, highlighting, freezing outside temperatures or even too much sun exposure. Snapping the ends off is creating further damage. It makes the hair cuticle peel back, thinning the hair strand. Now the thin strand becomes more fragile and easily broken. It is more challenging to grow hair longer if every time hair grows it breaks. Hence, you will always stay at the same length. Tip: Instead of keeping old habits, routinely schedule your hair for trim. Keratin Treatments like Silk Touch Keratin Treatments and serums i.e. Ultimate Repair System Revival Serum are also great for sealing split ends.