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Color In A Box – Let’s Get To The Bottom Of The Pros & Cons.

Let’s start with good news first. Here are some Pros to color in a box. It’s cheaper. A $5 color job sounds great! No appointment needed. You are a very last minute type of person? You do things on the fly? This does sound like the perfect option for you.
Unfortunately here is a heavy list of cons: A mistake with your cheap box of color could cost you $$$. You could have created such a hair blunder that it takes several visits to the salons to fix it. This mess is one of the more challenging tasks for a colorist. Hope your stylist doesn’t give you he stink eye! You want a new image and want your hair to reflect it? If you are looking to make a drastic color change to your hair, do not use color in a box. Going from Brunette to pale blonde or blonde to red is a process and a professional is well trained for this. Even before a colorist starts this project, your hair gets assessed for the right strategy.