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keratin experts

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Is it time to reveal a new you?

Here at Hair Bar we are your Keratin Experts!

Here at Hair Bar NYC we take pride in our services. From a simple wash and blow dry to our ever so famous exclusive keratin treatments and Color G&C, we put our heart into everything we do.

We strive to be the finest hair care salon in New York City. Give us a try and you’ll find that our dedication to technical excellence and customer service makes a visit to one of our salons truly something to be remembered. Perfection is not only our goal, it is our passion.



  • "It has been two weeks now since I've had my keratin treatment. I've washed my hair a total of 5 times and I brush it once out of the shower and that's it! I let it dry on it's own and it STAYS STRAIGHT! I have not blow-dried or flat ironed it at all since the treatment. My hair stays smooth no matter what. I have not blow-dried or flat ironed it at all since the treatment. Yay for smooth, straight hair!" K. T.

  • "Love love LOVE this place! I have been straightening my hair for years and have tried every straightener out there. I love the keratin bc it leaves my hair soft and silky and totally non processed looking. This place had three different strengths. I went for the strongest despite having very thin hair. My hair frizzes at the thought of water! Now I no longer need to do anything to my hair after the shower." ERICA C.

  • "I had my very first keratin treatment and I cannot express how happy I am with the results! My hair was unruly, wavy, dry and looked unhealthy. After the treatment and a much needed trim for my split ends, my hair looked vibrant and healthy!I was skeptical that it would work for me. I was completely wrong. I have NEVER loved my hair and I can say it now - I LOVE MY HAIR!" CYNTHIA R.