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keratin experts

Is it time to reveal a new you?

Here at Hair Bar we are your Keratin Experts!

Having perfectly smooth hair can be a sign you've just lived through a major life event such as a much-anticipated first date or a job interview that did not include a lightning round. Much like teaching your feet to play nice with each other, controlling frizzy hair can be a lifelong battle. Get your waves under control with our Keratin Therapy.

All of our treatments are of the highest quality and ingredients. Each one is designed for a specific hair type and a client's wishes or desires. We have personally created each treatment to meet the requests of all hair types, from virgin and fine hair, to relaxed and highlighted hair. Our employees take the time to analyze each client’s hair. The sensitivity that our employees have to each client shows how Hair Bar NYC values hard work and a great personality.



  • "It has been two weeks now since I've had my keratin treatment. I've washed my hair a total of 5 times and I brush it once out of the shower and that's it! I let it dry on it's own and it STAYS STRAIGHT! I have not blow-dried or flat ironed it at all since the treatment. My hair stays smooth no matter what. I have not blow-dried or flat ironed it at all since the treatment. Yay for smooth, straight hair!" K. T.

  • "Love love LOVE this place! I have been straightening my hair for years and have tried every straightener out there. I love the keratin bc it leaves my hair soft and silky and totally non processed looking. This place had three different strengths. I went for the strongest despite having very thin hair. My hair frizzes at the thought of water! Now I no longer need to do anything to my hair after the shower." ERICA C.

  • "I had my very first keratin treatment and I cannot express how happy I am with the results! My hair was unruly, wavy, dry and looked unhealthy. After the treatment and a much needed trim for my split ends, my hair looked vibrant and healthy!I was skeptical that it would work for me. I was completely wrong. I have NEVER loved my hair and I can say it now - I LOVE MY HAIR!" CYNTHIA R.