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  • Silk Touch System – Mask & Serum Bundle

    $74.98 $67.48

    Bundle Includes:
    1x – Silk Touch System Serum 3.38 Fl. oz / 100 ml
    1x – Silk Touch System Mask 10.14 Fl. oz / 300 ml

    **Receive a FREE Travel Size Pack!**

  • NEW Silk Touch Keratin & Diamond Botox

    $339.99 $199.99

    NEW Silk Touch Keratin & Diamond Botox All-In-One Package!

    Silk Touch keratin treatment is a 100% Formaldehyde Free hair straightening treatment that reduces frizz, curl that makes hair unmanageable. This treatment is recommended for all hair types and will significantly reduce the time required for daily hair maintenance.

    • Recommended for all hair types
    • All Natural Formulation
    • OSHA tested to be 100% Formaldehyde, Aldehyde and Methylene Glycol FREE
    • Lasts up to 6 Months
    • Hair can be washed and styled the same day

    Diamond Botox hair repair & rejuvenation treatment produces a “Botox-Effect” by restoring the youth and vitality to damaged hair. Diamond Botox treatment infuses hair with essential vitamins and nutrients while repairing different types of common damage, including hair thinning, loss of tensile strength, dryness and dullness caused by coloring, and extreme damage caused by chemical processing or repeat heat styling.

    • Recommended for all hair types
    • Restores moisture and elasticity to dry and brittle hair
    • Helps prevent split ends
    • Protects from the elements like cold weather and exposure to UV Rays
    • Helps with dry and itchy scalp
    • Lasts up to 4 weeks.

    This Special Offer includes the following:

    • (1) Silk Touch Keratin Treatment.
    • (1) Diamond Botox Hair Repair & Rejuvenation Treatment.

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  • Ultimate Repair System Revival Curl Cream *BUY 1 GET 1 FREE*

    $34.99 $29.99

    Ultimate Repair System Revival Curl Cream

    Ultimate Repair System Revival Curl Cream provides curls with incredible flexibility and holding power while actively conditioning the hair.  The thick consistency cream distributes evenly and creates a protective barrier around the hair, preventing frizz caused by exposure to moisture and fly-away hairs caused by static.  Curls hold their shape while remaining bouncy, silky and unbelievably shiny.

  • Ultimate Repair System Revival Mask


    Ultimate Repair System Revival Mask

    This Hair Revival Mask by Ultimate Repair System is designed to rejuvenate and invigorate dry, over-worked and damaged hair. This intense mask penetrates deep into the cuticle of the hair, providing lasting moisture and smoothness while adding brilliant shine to dull hair. The specialized blend of ingredients work to provide exceptional results without weighing the hair down or building up on the scalp, thus this mask is ideal for all hair types. Safe for color treated hair, free of parabens, sulfates and artificial colors.

  • Ultimate Repair System Revival Serum

    $54.99 $49.99

    Ultimate Repair System Revival Serum

    This Hair Revival Serum by Ultimate Repair System is a dual-action heat protector and weightless moisturizer. This serum creates a protective barrier around the hair cuticle and helps to prevent damage caused by sun exposure, chemical treatments, bleaching, blow drying and other heat sources. Works effectively to eliminate fly-away hairs caused by static electricity and weather conditions. Conditioning agents, such as hydrolyzed keratin, penetrate the hair and bond to broken keratin proteins in order to reconstruct the strength and elasticity of the hair while adding brilliant luster to even the dullest of hair.

  • Diamond Botox Home Treatment Kit


    **Our Exclusive Diamond Botox Home Treatment Kit**

    We put together Diamond Botox Home Kit so you can try this amazing hair repair & rejuvenation treatment even if you can’t visit one of our salon locations in New York.
    Diamond Botox Hair Repair Therapy revitalizes hair by replenishing essential vitamins and nutrients, restoring hair health for smoother, shinier, and more youthful hair.

    **Lasts Up to 5 weeks!**

    Our Diamond Botox Home Kit Includes:

    • 1x – Diamond Botox Treatment Ampule. **Up to 4 Treatments per Ampule**
    • 1x – Extraction Syringe
    • 1x – Diamond Botox Instructional Manual
    • 1x – Mixing Bowl
    • 1x – Application Brush
  • ArmorPlex Protect & Repair Home Kit


    Instantly Repair and Protect Hair

    During and After Chemical Treatments

    ArmorPlex is a complex of organic compounds specifically formulated to help protect and repair hair during bleaching, coloring and other types of chemical hair treatments without requiring additional steps or changing the way you perform the treatment.

    This is one of the most revolutionary products since the introduction of permanent hair coloring and bleaching. ArmorPlex allows for a seamless and safe way for performing hair color treatments while protecting hair from harsh chemicals like ammonia and peroxide.

    Our ArmorPlex Kit Includes: (3.38 fl oz / 100ml or 16.9 fl oz / 500ml)

    • (1) – ArmorPlex Part 1 (Protection during Chemical Treatments or Services)
    • (1) – ArmorPlex Part 2 (Repair post Chemical Treatments or Services)
    • (1) – Instructions Manual


  • Super 3700 Ionic Hair Dryer


    Product Description
    Super 3700 Ionic This hair dryer has the power of ionic energy helping reduce frizz, dulling and static electricity and promotes shiny, conditioned, manageable, healthy hair. The new thermal technology preserves the natural moisture in the hair. The charges of negative ions attack drops of water and transforms them into micro-molecules. The hair easily absorbs this moisture, which makes it soft and shiny.The design and development of this new Ionic Hair Dryer is the result of a joint effort of a group of leading hair stylists and the engineering team at Be-in-Beauty Professional USA.

  • 24 Karat Keratin Treatment


    24 Karat Brazilian Keratin Treatment


    The 24 Karat Keratin Treatment is a cream-based formula designed to straighten hair while eliminating frizz and increasing shine and smoothness. This treatment also significantly boosts humidity resistance, allowing hair to remain straight and smooth even in the most humid environments. The 24 Karat formula contains natural oils, such as Boabab Oil, Argan Oil, and Mineral oil, all of which work to condition the hair and add heat protection.

    This treatment is highly recommended for individuals with coarse, thick and or very damaged hair. You can wash hair after 24 hours. However we strongly recommend that you leave it in longer (up to 72 hours) to get the best possible results.

    This Voucher Never Expires!
    **Depending on length and or thickness of hair, an additional fee may apply**


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  • NEW Xenia Paris Styling Hair Brushes


    Xenia Paris Styling Hair Brushes

    Xenia Paris premium quality light weight ceramic and ionic hair brush allows you even heat . ABS handle gives you strong holding opportunity that your hands will never slide when you drying or styling your hair .

    • Ceramic and Ionic hair brushes
    • Available size : 32mm / 43mm / 53mm / 65mm / 3″ Vent Brush
    • Material : ABS + aluminum + nylon+ boar bristle + PVC
    • Bristle : PA66 nylon + boar bristle
    • Body : aluminum
    • H02 Handle : ABS+TPR, 120mm

    **Vent Brush does not contain Boar Bristles or ceramic material**

  • Silk Touch Keratin Treatment


    Silk Touch Keratin Treatment (Optional Haircut) – Special Offer

    • $149.99 for Silk Touch Keratin: $350 Value
    • $179.99 for Silk Touch Keratin & Cut: $390 Value

    Our Silk Touch Keratin Treatment is a Formaldehyde Free hair straightening treatment that reduces frizz and curl volume that makes hair unmanageable. This treatment is recommend for all hair types and will significantly reduce the time required for daily hair maintenance.

    • Recommended for all hair types
    • Formaldehyde Free
    • Hair can be washed and styled same day

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  • Basic Clarifying Shampoo 16.9oz


    Basic Shampoo is formulated with neutral pH, which helps open the scales of the hair to facilitate the absorption of smoothing treatments such as Silk Touch Keratin Treatment. Enriched with active ingredients with nourishing and repairing action as ceramides, keratin, collagen and Pistachio oil, it helps to preserve body and vitality to the hair structure.