G&C Professional Hair Color Home Kit 2 Tubes
Professional Hair Color Home Kit (2 Tubes)
Professional Hair Color Home Kit (2 Tubes)

Professional Hair Color Home Kit (2 Tubes)

Your #1 @home Hair Coloring Solution

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The exclusive M.A.B. System is what differentiates this product from others on the market. The innovative M.A.B. system enables the product to lighten and deposit pigment simultaneously. The system consists of the following features:

This compound stabilizes the pH level of the hair throughout the application process. Balancing the pH level is vital in producing ideal results from a color process. Too much acidity causes the hair to be oily and for the hair shaft to close, making it difficult for color to effectively deposit. Too much alkaline causes the hair to become very dry because the hair shaft becomes very open. A balanced pH level allows for the hair shaft to be open just enough to effectively deposit the color without drying out the hair.

Minimal levels (1.8% – 3.5%) of this essential hair color ingredient slightly increases the alkalinity of the formula, ensuring that the hair shaft is sufficiently open to allow the color to fully deposit. The minimal levels are not enough to dry out the hair, unlike traditional hair colors that contain higher levels of ammonia.

Having a base that is both gel and cream creates maximum color coverage while enhancing the luster of pigment. The cream base keeps hair hydrated and ensures maximum conditioning and smoothness as a result from the color process. The gel base reflects light, creating stunning shine and allowing the pigments to stand out in brilliant, eye-catching colors. The gel is also very lightweight, allowing the hair to retain bounce and volume after the color process.
Send us a picture of your hair color (via phone or email), and one of our experience stylist will contact you and together you will decide on the right formula for your desired color.

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