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  • dry-shampoo-3oz

    Dry Shampoo


    Product Description
    This dry powder is the perfect answer for days you don’t have time for a traditional shampoo. A simple application renews and revives hair giving you fuller, more voluminous hair that has body and movement. Dry Shampoo removes oily patches around the hairline and blends effortlessly with your natural color. Give your thirsty strands a break and promote full, touchable, natural-looking hair with this unique volumizing dry shampoo.

    Dry Cleanser
    Hair Volumizer

  • basic-shamp-16oz

    Basic Shampoo


    Shampoo with basic pH, which helps open the scales of the hair to facilitate the absorption of smoothing treatment Hair Bar Easy Treatment. Enriched with active ingredients with nourishing and repairing action as ceramides, keratin, collagen and Pistachio oil, it helps to keep body and vitality to the hair structure.

  • TK 02a

    Hair Bar NYC Argan Oil Travel Kit


    Travel Size Kit filled with your favorite Hair Bar NYC Products Including:

    Smoothie – 2fl oz
    Argan Oil Shampoo – 2fl oz
    Argan Oil Conditioner – 2fl oz
    Pure Argan Oil – 1fl oz

  • TK 03a

    Hair Bar NYC Silk Touch Travel Kit


    Travel Size Kit filled with your favorite Hair Bar NYC Products Including:

    Smoothie – 2fl oz
    Silk Touch Shampoo – 2fl oz
    Silk Touch Masque – 2fl oz
    Dry Conditioner – 1fl oz

  • TK 01a

    Hair Bar NYC Marula Oil Travel Kit


    Travel Size Kit filled with your favorite Hair Bar NYC Products Including:

    Smoothie – 2fl oz
    Marula Oil Shampoo – 2fl oz
    Marula Oil Conditioner – 2fl oz
    Dry Conditioner – 1fl oz

  • Silk Touch Shampoo Travel Size

    Silk Touch Shampoo Travel Size 2fl oz


    Infused with keratin to help prevent breakage, this moisturizing daily wash gently removes build up on hair and scalp. Adds renewed strength and gently smooths and softens the surface of the hair. Nutrients help reduce frizz and fly; always leaving hair with a silky and shiny appearance. Free of sodium chloride. Safe for use on chemically and color treated hair.

    Sulfate and Paraben Free Weightless Smoothing Straightener Safe Keratin Infused.

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    Silk Touch Intense Masque Travel Size 2oz


    Silk Touch Intense Masque

    Fortified with keratin and a blend of nutrients that will help repair rejuvenate and rebuild elasticity. Leaves hair deeply nourished for improved resilience and luster. Long-lasting conditioning benefits; leaving hair silky-smooth and shiny without weighing it down.

    Keratin Infused Deep Treatment Intense Conditioning Sulfate and Paraben Free Straightener Safe Leaves Hair Silky and Nourished.

  • Dry Conditioner Travel Size

    Dry Conditioner Travel Size 1fl oz


    Weightless on-the-go hydrating formula revives dry ends and rough texture. Instantly leaves hair super soft, shiny, and healthy looking. Maintains blowouts on dry hair so the ends stay manageable and smooth.

    Water-less formula infused with Marula Oil which is moisturizing, conditioning and has antioxidant properties.
    De-tangles and moisturizes each strand Coarse, dry hair is smoothed to fluidity Revives dry, overworked hair.

  • Marula Oil Shampoo Travel Size

    Marula Oil Shampoo Travel Size 2fl oz


    The secret to transform hair is made from Marula Oil to rebuild and revive dry damaged hair weakened by everyday stress. A mild foaming sulfate and Paraben free cleanser that gives instant hydration with humectants and pro-vitamin B-5 for shine and softness. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients from Marula oil nourishes and help protect from UV.

  • Marula Oil Conditioner

    Marula Oil Conditioner Travel Size 2fl oz


    A gentle soap free Marula Oil conditioning crème that delivers intense hydration with botanical extracts for extra moisture. 12 Bio-nutrients for strengthening and instant de-tangling for smooth and frizz free tresses. The high oleic acid found in Marula oil is essential to maintain healthy skin and hair. Vitamins A, E, C and  aloe, help to soothe scalp.

  • Smoothie Travel Size

    Smoothie Travel Size 2fl oz


    Smoothie is a revolutionary leave in conditioner that increases flexibility to decrease damage during styling. Great with flat irons, creates shine without weight. Also de-tangles while it strengthens and smoothes.

    Paraben Free Horsetail Extract Aloe Extract Green Tea Extract

  • Pure Argan Oil Shampoo Travel Size

    Pure Argan Oil Shampoo Travel Size 2fl oz


    This gentle hydrating cleanser is infused with Argan Oil to add incredible moisture into the hair eliminating any dry or brittle feeling. Prepares hair for conditioning. Color and extensions safe.

    Argan Oil Luxurious Silk Color Safe Moisturizing Shampoo Paraben Free Straightener Free.