Magic 3600 Ionic Hair Dryer


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Magic 3600 Ionic Hair Dryer

This hair dryer has the power of ionic energy helping reduce frizz, dulling and static electricity and promotes shiny, conditioned, manageable, healthy hair. The new thermal technology preserves the natural moisture in the hair.
The charges of negative ions attack drops of water and transforms them into micro-molecules. The hair easily absorbs this moisture, which makes it soft and shiny.The design and development of this new Ionic Hair Dryer is the result of a joint effort of a group of leading hair stylists and the engineering team at Be-in-Beauty Professional USA.

Very powerful motor -17,000 RPM
Output: 1780W-2100W
Safety thermostat
Light flexible 3m long chord
2 nozzles: narrow and wide
Removable link filter
4 temperature setting
2 speed Long life brushes
Nickel chrome heating elements
1-Year Warranty