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    Ultimate Repair Revival Serum

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    Ultimate Repair System Revival Serum


    Ultimate Repair System Revival Serum is a dual-action heat protector and weightless moisturizer. This serum creates a protective barrier around the hair cuticle and helps to prevent damage caused by sun exposure, chemical treatments, bleaching, blow drying and other heat sources. Works effectively to eliminate fly-away hairs caused by static electricity and weather conditions.. Conditioning agents, such as hydrolyzed keratin, penetrate the hair and bond to broken keratin proteins in order to reconstruct the strength and elasticity of the hair while adding brilliant luster to even the dullest of hair.

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    Pure Argan Oil Treatment


    Product Description
    This deep penetrating Argan Oil will be instantly absorbed into your hair producing an incredible shine and smooth as silk feeling. Pure Argan Oil will hydrate and nourish the hair producing incredible shine and smooth-like silk feel. Expect a healthy brilliant glow and long lasting conditioning.

    Deep Penetrating
    Fast Absorbing
    Argan Oil
    Silky Feeling

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    Silk Touch Remedy Serum


    Product Description
    Improves the moisture balance of hair while reducing frizz. Humidity-resistant Silk Touch Remedy Serum seals the cuticle and controls frizz, visibly improving the appearance of hair immediately. When used with heat, shine and smoothing are intensified. Protects hair color and thermal safe.

    Sulfate Free
    Paraben Free
    Keratin Infused
    Smoothing Serum

  • moisturizing-treatment-cream-10oz

    Moisturizing Treatment Cream


    Product Description
    Moisturizing Treatment Cream is a botanical rich leave in conditioner and softening balm. Used as directed, it straightens and controls curly and frizzy hair for maximum manageability and shine. A fusion of a deep treatment and a finishing product.

    Controls Frizz
    Botanical Rich

  • smoothie



    Product Description
    Smoothie is a revolutionary leave in conditioner that increases flexibility to decrease damage during styling. Great with flat irons, creates shine without weight. Also de-tangles while it strengthens and smooths.

    Paraben Free
    Horsetail Extract
    Aloe Extract
    Green Tea Extract