With Baobab Oil (same as 24 Karat), this gel does not contain heavy ingredients making your hair look lighter. Heat protection is less with comparison to the lotion. It is a very versatile keratin, allowing clients to keep their natural waves while significantly reducing the amount of frizz and increasing the amount of shine. This treatment also adds a natural lift and gives your hair a weightless look.

The most pure keratin found in the market, with the highest proportion of cystine, is considered a hair identical protein making it especially adhesive to hair.

Provides flexibility to hair. This particular ingredient use in the smoothing process helps hair recover the natural look. Hair will look so natural nobody will think it was straightened.

Recommended for fine hair to avoid heaviness after the treatment. However, it can be used on all hair types.

checkmark.png ALLOWS NATURAL WAVES checkmark.png MOST VERSATILE checkmark.png ADDS LIGHT LIFT checkmark.png FRIZZ REDUCTION

checkmark.png INCREASED SHINE checkmark.png WEIGHTLESS LOOK & FEEL